Designing a sky themed kids bedroom?

Designing a sky-themed kid's bedroom can be a fun and creative project. When it comes to finding the right products for the room, there are many smaller independent design studios that offer unique and high-quality products. With any themed room it's important to not go overboard, one or two pieces can tackle the theme head on clearly positioning the narrative intent of the space and the rest of the pieces should gently support that visual aesthetic. If every single piece is screaming "SKY!" at full volume it's going to be a tacky mess (unless thats what you are going for in which case power to you!).

Childs bedroom design with Cloud lamp

Color is a great place to begin - Start with a classic blue and white color scheme for the walls to give a peaceful and airy feeling to the room. Check out Farrow & Ball's Skylight paint color, a soft and calming blue hue perfect for a sky-themed room.

What is your grounding element - what is the piece that is going to do the heavy lifting in communicating the narrative of the space. We love the Lampshade Cloud  designed to look like a floating cloud, and it creates a dreamy and surreal atmosphere in the room. A starry or cosmic ceiling/wall paper is also a really bold Sky theme statement piece. If you want to do both together just keep in mind the visual balance between the two perhaps a smaller Cloud if the print is quite strong or a more subtle print if you want the focus to be on the Cloud.

Avoid anything with words - colors, textures and shapes are a much more rich way to communicate the essence of a theme and help to avoid tacky town. Think more about the essence of the theme and how you want the child to feel in the space. 

Not just the eyes - are there certain scents or sounds that remind you of being outside looking up at the sky? Taste might be a bit tricky here but smell and sound can be really powerful ways to explore a theme. Just make sure that any product along those lines is 100% child-safe can be turned off or removed if it gets too powerful. The New York times recommends the Vitruvi Stone Diffuser (affiliate link).

Sky themed child's bedroom 1

Hide a few easter eggs - have some fun in the details and in places that unfold as you explore the space. Paint the inside of wardrobes with a mural or a vibrant color. Add cute little decals in the corner of the ceiling that you might not notice at first glance. 

Give a thought to after the theme - themed or not at some point down the line the bedroom will be redecorated, can the pieces you've curated integrate well into other rooms and live on even without each other or the sky theme? In our opinion the best products and decor should be able to fit int lots of different aesthetics and contexts - even the very literal products.

 Minimal Childs sky bedroom

To recap we recommend investing in decor and products that elebrate the essance of the sky rather than cheap and tacky nick nacks. By incorporating unique and high-quality products from smaller independent design studios, you can create a dreamy and whimsical atmosphere that your child will love.