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Aurora Collection


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Constellation Collection

the Constellation Collection

We all have been left awe-inspired by the stars at some point in our lives. We form patterns in the sky to predict the weather, find our way, tell stories and make sense of the sky.

Customize your star system

Each of the designs have different degrees of customizability - the most straightforward of which is finish. 

Most pieces contains a customizable finish option - should you require more exotic finish than our standard options please reach out to us to get a quote.


Can I get a custom constellation made specially for me?

Yes we would be happy to build out any specific constellation, reach out to us via our contact page with details about what you are looking for and we can go from there.

What are the lead times for this collection?

Lead times vary depending on the product, see the product page for the most accurate timeframe. We also do have expediting options available for those on a time crunch.

Is the Constellation Pendant and Panel very bright light?

These two products in particular are designed to be sculptural ambient light rather than functional working light. Think of the light from the real stars in the sky, its low level light but absolutely beautiful.

Will the brass items tarnish over time?

With our brass items we can finish them in a few different ways, typically we wax them which maintains their warm matte finish. The wax will wear off over time especially if handled often. Alternatively we sometimes offer a lacquered finish. The lacquer is a more permanent seal but does gloss the brass slightly. 

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we ship all over the world. See prices and shipping options at checkout from USPS to DHL. For some of the larger pieces such as the Panel and Chair please contact us prior to purchasing to confirm freight prices.

Have a project in mind?

There is a lot you can do with this collection. Each of the items look amazing as individual pieces to fit in with your style or use them all to create a celestial vinyet like no other. We are always up to explore new opportunities so whatever your project, big or small, we would love to work with you to help create your vision.