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Aurora Collection


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The four elements of the natural world are ingredients of a fifth: Life itself - an element just as beautiful and destructive as the initial four

Customize your element

Each of the four designs have different degrees of customizability - the most straightforward of which is finish. Each piece contains a prominent metal component that has standard finish options of Black, white or Brass - should you require more exotic finishes such as copper, nickel, raw steel, patinated brass or any other finish reach out to us to get a quote.


Where do your products come from?

We build each of these items in our Brooklyn studio. They are handmade in small batch production with local staff and local materials wherever possible.

What are the lead times for each of the items?

Lead times vary depending on the product, refer to the product page of each item for the most accurate timeframe. We also do have expediting options available for those on a time crunch.

Who does the installation?

We have designed the products in this collection to be simple enough to be installed by your local electrician. 

Does the Earth Globe come planted?

No, but we do include a handy planting guide for how to do it yourself. We would also be happy to recommend varieties of plants that will do best in that type of environment. 

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We ship all over the world, see prices and shipping options at checkout from USPS to DHL.

Have a project in mind?

There is a lot you can do with this collection. They look amazing as individual units or join all four to tell the full story of the elemental collection. We are always up to explore new opportunities so whatever your project, big or small, we can help you find your perfect fit.