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YEAR: 2016


Globe is a suspended handblown glass ball in 12" and 8" diameters, available with or without an intergraded LED light source. The design of the Globe creates a unique viewing perspective of plants and other elements, often providing intense magnification or complete disappearance. Originally designed as a terrarium for ferns, moss, succulents and aquatic fauna, we quickly discovered exciting new possibilities and applications beyond plants.

The nearly invisible power cord used for each globe is made possible by utilizing micro-wire technology developed for wearable electronics. Combined with discrete but incredible strong stainless steel cable the Globe floats in the air, drawing the full focus to the elements inside the Globe. At heart the Globe is a planter but it can also be used in a number of other ways; from protecting and displaying objects to diffusing and refracting light. For instance when filled with water the Globe acts as a spectacular lens - with the addition of a few drops of white or colored food dye it is possible to create some truly stunning light effects. In this way Globe is very much an evolving vessel of both matter and light.


Start with a Globe...

Add a few layers of small stones for drainage

Add a layer of charcoal

Add potting mix suitable for desired plant

Plant your plant

Optional - add a layer of sand or other soil cover

Decorate as desired

When it comes to planting your Globe we recommend a layered system. Start with a few layers of small stones, pebbles or gravel. This will help with drainage and avoid root rot. Then add charcoal for water filtration. Add a decent amount of soil suitable for your desired plant - cacti and succulents like a different type of soil than moss and ferns.

  When you are ready to plant your plant, dig a small hole big enough for the roots of your plant, push the plant into the soil and begin to compress the soil around the plant to hold it in place. You can leave the soil exposed or cover the soil in sand, bark, pebbles or other decorative elements. You may notice some mold early on after planting, especially if you included some wood as decorative elements, this will come and go as the wood becomes part of the environment.  

  Water only once every few weeks. A small amount of condensation is normal, excessive condensation may indicate over watering. Do not install in direct sunlight.

To fill a larger space hang multiple Globes together at slightly different heights to create pods of 3 or 5 with a range of both sizes. Combine both earth plants and aquatic plants in one cluster for more visual variation. Please note Globe does not come with any plants, water or soil. Planting it is half the fun!

For earth based plants consult your local plant nursery store for more information about varieties of plants that thrive in closed and semi closed terrariums and best practises for caring for them.

For aquatic plants consult your local aquarium store about the types of aquatic plants and mosses that don't require a filter, heater or Carbon dioxide system. We've found Java Moss and moss balls work exceptionally well even without substrate.





The dimable LED bulb allows finer control over the conditions of your Globe. For mosses and ferns we recommend a range of 10-25% brightness. For succulents, cacti and leafy plants higher brightness levels between 50-100% are more suitable.