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Making Weather

YEAR: 2016

This is now in a limited production run see more information here: www.richardclarkson.com/float 
Richard Clarkson Studio and Crealev present: Making Weather, a levitating cloud project. The project is a collaboration between the two companies – merging the innovative levitation technology developed by Crealev with the form and function of the Cloud product of Richard Clarkson Studio. 

Making Weather is the name of the collaboration effort to create a floating cloud. While the collaboration is ongoing the first prototype has recently been released; A mid-size cloud which floats above a reflective oval base. Embedded into both the base and the Cloud are magnetic components that allow the cloud to float 1-2 inches off the base. While the base itself must remain plugged in a rechargeable lithium ion battery powers the Cloud and enables a totally wireless and unobstructed levitation while in use. With full rotational movement and slight vertical bobbing of the cloud a more realistic atmospheric experience is possible. Similar to the original Smart Cloud this floating cloud also has an inbuilt Bluetooth speaker and sound reactive LED lights. With the hopes that this will soon become available as a commercial product both companies will continue innovate with the exciting technology.

After months of design research and user testing, we found that embedding a speaker into the Cloud was not the right direction for several reasons. Firstly - the weight it added significantly decreased the levitation height of the Cloud. Secondly - the speaker drastically reduced the battery life of the Cloud, and required much more frequent recharging. Thirdly - you already have a speaker system right!? Simply let your speakers do what they do best, and the Floating Cloud will do what it does best. While the Cloud itself does not have a speaker, it will react to your existing sound system as well as spoken voice and loud sounds. An embedded microphone allows the Cloud to flash to the beat of the music in four different styles. The Cloud also has a range of ambient lamp modes in both white and colored versions. Each of these modes is controlled via an infrared remote.

Crealev.   http://www.crealev.com/

"Crealev is a young, dynamic and hands-on company. The Crealev team consists of engineers and designers, an enthusiastic and flexible team ready to create product and projects that will amaze everyone. We have a wide skill-set and ever increasing experience with magnetic levitation, product design and display products. We love to create products ourselves. We love to collaborate. Crealev can share knowledge, ideas and experience during the concept or prototype phase of your levitation product. We are happy to participate in brainstorming sessions during the concept phase and to offer fresh thinking on your project."

This is now in a limited production run see more information here: www.richardclarkson.com/float

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