What is a black Hole?

Welcome, earthlings, to the place of no return: a region in space where the gravitational pull is so strong, not even light can escape it. This is a black hole.”


A black hole works much like a burning fire. With every bit of mass, it consumes it grows in size. Theoretically, any matter shrunken down to a certain point could become a black hole - this is essentially what happens when a star dies. The edge of black hole is called the event horizon, the event horizon is the point in which not even light has the ability to escape the immense gravitational pull. It is because of this unparalleled power that many scientists are unsure about what exactly happens at this point. “Will gravity rip you apart and crush you into the black hole’s core? Or will a firewall of energy sizzle you into oblivion? Could some essence of you ever emerge from a black hole?” This debate about this unknown is called the firewall paradox. One theory based on Einstein's theory of relativity, who himself hypothesized of such gravitational forces but doubted the existence due to its ludacris abilities, theorized that you can pass the event horizon but after that point be pulled apart into a noodle and then crushed into singularity towards its core. But a contradicting theory by Dr.Polchinski. Utilizing quantum theory, suggest that an energy wall exists around the black hole called the “firewall” and before you reach the event horizon you would be instantly torched.  

Less commonly known is that black holes can produce “music”, actually emitting a humming noise. One sound was recorded in a far away galaxy producing a B flat over 10 million years.