Meural Interactive Art Frame


 At Richard Clarkson, we understand the power of gadgets. One of the main things distinguishing humans from other animals is our capacity for tools, which is why there’s something unmistakably exciting about learning how a new gadget works.


We offer a variety of interesting objects, all of which are honest in material, playful in nature, and sculptural to the core. Below, we’ll discuss just a few of our favorite objects and devices, which you can use to enliven residential and commercial spaces. As well, we’ll let you know what you can do if there’s a specific gadget you’d like us to create for you.

Speaker Cloud

We find something deeply inspiring about clouds, which is why Speaker Cloud is one of the gadgets that we’re most proud of. It’s designed to channel our favorite thing about clouds -- their combination of power and subtlety -- while also providing a source of both light and sound.


It’s an evolution of our Interactive Cloud. But whereas the Interactive Cloud is designed to catch eyes, the Speaker Cloud lets you play whatever music or audio you’d like to. Along with being fun when you’re sitting at home, we’ve found it makes an excellent conversation starter.


Clocks and watches are known for having a nearly infinite number of variations. Ever since sunclocks, people have been coming up with new ways to tell time, and horologists around the world have pored over documentation for a myriad of different timepieces.


For our variation on the theme, we decided to create Tangent, a self-balancing shelf clock. On a practical level, it doesn’t tic, which makes it appealing for people who are sensitive to noise or want a quiet space where they can still see the time.


But it’s also exciting from an aesthetic perspective. The clock is weighted, which means that no matter how you set it down, the hands will find the correct time.


For all that we love playing with gadgets, we also understand that there’s something to be said for the more contemplative nature of reading. That’s why we wanted to take our love of design and apply it to a bookend.


Lean is a simple, self-clamping bookend that’s designed for both form and functionality. When you set a book against it, it clamps into place, allowing you to display some of your favorite authors wherever you would like to.

Custom Design

Along with these gadgets, we also offer custom designs, in case you’re looking for something different. The sky is the limit here, since we’re always excited to take on new challenges and flex our design muscles.


Wondering how we discover what you’re looking for, design towards your desires, and deliver an asset that you can appreciate for years to come? Make sure to check out our consulting page.

Looking for Innovative Designs?

Richard Clarkson has you covered. We’re proud to work on a variety of different designs and gadgets, always looking towards the new innovative design that’s sure to catch eyes.


Want to get a look at all of the objects we have available for your enjoyment? Make sure to take a look at our shop. We’re always happy to help people discover their next new gadget.