NASA’s Curiosity rover entered ‘safe mode’ on Mars, but nobody knows why

The Curiosity rover experienced a bit of a “hiccup” at the end of last week. The robot entered a default “safe mode” which it does when something goes wrong. Engineers performed a reset of the rover after gathering some diagnostic info and it’s back up and running, but the cause of the glitch remains a mystery.

Found this story of how the Mars Curiosity rover had a technical issue and it reminded me of how our studio goes through similar things. You work really hard on something, ship it out, and tech being temperamental it does things the we can’t explain. Sometimes you can’t understand what is wrong or why it happened. Our jobs as designers is to try and anticipate these mood swings and really push the product to its limits through rigorous testing and experimentation. Every time there’s an issue we haven’t dealt with before, the studio sees it as opportunity to strengthen the product further. Shipping things out into the universe and hoping that the product achieves its goal is a scary and exciting element.  

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