Nordic Light Exhibition

The Nordic Light Exhibition titled, Mångata, put on by the team at NOTE at the Nordiska Museet – the Nordic Museum in Stockholm – one of the oldest and grandest museums of the city – captures the experience of the Nordic Light in the museum’s unique banquet hall which is 126 meters long, 15 meters wide and 24 meters high, and resembles a Gothic cathedral with high arches and pillars.

The entrance to the hall is located in its center, which provides two given viewing angles towards both ends of the hall. The discs of the sun and the moon creates graphical focal points in each end of the hall – a sun that lights up a cloud bank in the north hall and a moon reflecting in the waters of the south hall. The moon’s disk has a diameter of five meters – smaller than that had not created enough impact in the great hall.

An exhibition I would loved to have seen in person, Mångata features an extraordinary use of light, space, material, and color. I imagine it being a very quiet, peaceful space to explore and reflect. It’s one of the few representations of the northern lights that feels true to the essence of the phenomenon. It has inspired us to always strive to find that essence and use it to guide the design process. See more at Note Design Studio.