A note on our pricing

We sometimes get asked why our products are priced the way they are so we wanted to take a moment to explain what goes into bringing a product to market and why things cost the way they do.


We are a Business
I want to express that while we love making designs & objects we are a business with one of the primary goals of making a profit. We use some of this profit to feed back into the business and develop new products but we also live off of this profit. We have staff that rely on us for their income and we pay rent & utilities just like everyone else. 

More than just raw materials
It's important to remember that a product is more than just the sum of its individual parts. It takes weeks, months or sometimes even years to research and develop a product ready for market. This development often involves building prototype after prototype and investing in tools and machinery to build the prototypes. Countless hours of labor have gone into the development and production of each piece. Sometimes the most simple looking products are the most complex to develop. In such cases, the price of a product is more of a reflection of the development cost than the material cost.

Handmade in Small Batches
We are a small studio in Brooklyn, we make most of our products in house by hand. Much of what we make is made to order or made in small batches of just a few units at a time. This is an expensive way to produce anything but it does allow us to produce a very high-quality and unique product.

It's not a necessity
We aren't selling the only clean water available for miles around. Our products are premium, luxury products and that means premium, luxury prices. 

We have options
Many of our product lines have several options at different price points. If the Smart Cloud, our premium unit with all the features, is out of budget we have a more simplified version called the Cloud Shade which starts at just $480.