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Aurora Collection


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We take pride in all our products and want them to last for generations to come. To do so there are a few tips and guidelines below about how to clean, care and maintain the different materials we use in our products.


Clean and polish brass parts using Brasso (or other quality brass metal polish) and a soft polishing cloth, take care to read and follow the instructions of the metal polish.

Dust using a clean duster, if product is waxed reapply wax every 6 - 8 months or as required using a quality wax such as this.

Use a good quality leather cleanser and protector - use as directed.

Clean using a microfiber cloth and glass cleaner - be sure not to scratch the surface of the glass.

Gently batt like a pillow to remove loose dust. If vacuuming is required do so through a rigid metal mesh such as this, the mesh will hold the fibers in place protecting the Cloud while you vacuum it.