Cloud Guide

24 x 15 x 14"

9 x 8 x 7"

5 x 4 x 3"

12 x 12 x 12"

10 x 9 x 5"

17 x 16 x 10"

22 x 20 x 15"

30 x 28 x 18"

We have a range of different types of Clouds each designed for a specific context and use. There are two main lighting styles: Interactive Clouds and Cloud Shades. Both use LED technology but differ in their application. All Clouds look amazing together but for best results cluster clouds from within the same lighting style.

  • Interactive Clouds use strands of individually programmable LEDs to create multi-color animations and advanced lighting effects and music reactive effects. Our interactive Clouds include the Smart Cloud, Tiny Cloud and all sizes of the RGB Clouds. Not only do our Interactive clouds look stunning together they also use the same remote control protocol allowing for simultaneous control of RGB cloud clusters. Our range of Tiny Cloud Stands are also compatible with RGB Cloud Medium and RGB Cloud Small.
  • Cloud Shades (all sizes of Cloud Shade and Cloud Shade with Stand ) use one or two LED Edison Screw Bulbs (1 for Small and Medium sizes and 2 for Large and Huge sizes) available in either warm (2700k) or cool (5000k) color temperatures. These bulbs are dimmable with an appropriate inline or light switch dimmer - not included. Bulb Clouds are more like traditional lamp shades. Available in pendant, floor stand and desk stand.
  • Satellite add on Clouds are small clouds that do not have any lights or electronics but help to enhance the look of other Cloud product