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richard clarkson Ignite
richard clarkson Ignite
richard clarkson Ignite
richard clarkson Ignite
richard clarkson Ignite
richard clarkson Ignite
richard clarkson Ignite
richard clarkson Ignite
richard clarkson Ignite
richard clarkson Ignite
richard clarkson Ignite Small Black
richard clarkson Ignite Large Honeycomb
richard clarkson Ignite Small Honeycomb
richard clarkson Ignite Large Black
richard clarkson Ignite
richard clarkson Ignite



Both artful and functional, this unique wall-mounted match strike will look stunning in your bathroom or study. The striking disc is replaceable and each unit comes with one honeycomb disc and one black disc - both work with standard safety matches.

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3... 2... 1... Ignition. Strike your matches in ultimate style, like the master painters artful brushstroke.


If you are interested in custom materials or custom finishes for this or any of our other products we can work with you to create the perfect piece just for you.

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Product overview

  • Materials

    brass, acrylic

  • Dimensions

    12" / 6"

  • Packaging

    Flat Mailer


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Replacement Discs

Ignite ships with one Honeycomb disc pre-installed and one ready-to-install black disc. Replacement disc packs coming soon.

Coming Soon


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