Cloud Series by MOTEH

We recently came across this artist’s work and love how he seamlessly blends art and design through photoshop and rendering. 

The work takes on several different subject matters and looks to be inspired by a wide range of themes - we especially love the celestial clouds and otherworldly geometries. We’ve been making and selling clouds for quite some time now so know how difficult rendering wispy, cloud-like material can be! 

The artist also has a number of pieces that merge the hyper-realistic and the surreal, a stunningly beautiful series reminiscent of the uncanny valley done right. This hyper-surrealist style has grown in popularity over the last few years - pushed along by mesmerizing gif animations that perfectly loop over and over. 

We are big fans of Moteh and definitely recommend you check out his instagram: @iammoteh

Photo credit: @iammoteh