Recent Project: Product Design GE's Smart Lamp, "Sol"

Building on General Electric’s century of innovation and invention, the “C” product line (since rebranded as “Cync”) strives to build connected smart products and designs that help people thrive. “Sol” is an all-in-one, smart light that has the features, functionality, and voice control of Amazon’s Alexa. The industry’s first lighting product with Amazon Alexa built in, Sol is part of GE Lighting’s vision to unleash the power of your home, enabling you and your home to do more.



The Project:

When GE came to us, they were looking to expand their product offerings in the smart home & Internet of Things (IoT) product range. They already had a range of smart LED bulbs available but wanted a product offering to anchor the collection with an Alexa-integrated table lamp. The goal was to create a lamp that was both functional yet still iconic and one that embodied the key features of the smart bulb range, specifically the gentle-wake color temperature and brightness control.



The Challenges:

Working with such a large and well-established international brand, we were initially concerned that they would not be open to the ideas of a small independent design studio from Brooklyn. As it turned out, much to our surprise, GE was actually incredible to work with. Throughout the process, they were more than open to exploring different ideas and directions which gave us plenty of runway to explore possibilities. 



The Results:

During the concept development phase of the project we had identified a direction that really excited everyone involved. It was a design inspired by the iconic bladeless dyson fan; a ring of LEDs atop a cylindrical stand which would house the Alexa components. The ring of LEDs had two independent sets of LEDs, one on the outward-facing side and one on the inward. The dual sets of LEDs opened the doors to some unexpected features including both a timer and clock feature.



When asked about the product, Jeff Patton, General Manager Connected Home Products, GE Lighting had this to say: 

"Sol is really about extending an experience for consumers, letting them tap into something they use throughout the day – light – to unleash the possibilities of the smart home”. “It’s breaking boundaries as the first product of its kind, not only for its voice integration but for its unique lighting features designed to help homeowners do more.”


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