Finish options of the Gravity Well

In developing the Gravity Well Chandelier we fell in love with several different glass finishes for the globes, we experimented with frosted and unfrosted finishes as well as a few different types of colored glass. We found that each option suited a different type of context & aesthetic, from minimal and elegant to bold and exotic.

We decided to launch with three options and invite potential clients to custom order should they desire an option beyond those three. The three options are:

all clear spheresAll clear globes - the most refined and subtly elegant option where each of the three sizes of globes are made from crystal clear Hand-blown borosilicate glass with no other glass treatments or finishes applied. The clear glass is more visually lightweight than the other options and has a delicate aesthetic that is in some ways more in line with traditional lighting sculptures.


frosted and clear combinationClear and frosted combination - our flagship option where the smallest and largest globes are made from frosted glass and the middle size globe is a contrasting crystal clear. We liked the added visual interest that the contrast of finishes brought to the piece, and also liked that it hinted at a narrative of antimatter still having a gravitational effect.


all frosted spheresAll frosted globes - the most visually present option where each of the three sizes of globes are made from frosted glass. While retaining most of their translucency the spheres still allow light to illuminate and pass through them but being frosted brings more prominence and visual weight to them. They stand out much more than the clear spheres and give the overall piece more visual depth and height.


no spheres at allCustom Options - beyond those three standard options we can also custom design and manufacture to meet your specifications. From multi colored glass spheres to no spheres at all we can create the perfect sculptural piece for you. Contact us with what you are interested in and we can find a way to make it happen.



Gravity Well