Hand-crafted Chandelier Featured in our Newest Collection

See the pull of the stars

If you’re fascinated by the night sky, then channel your inner astrophile with this contemporary celebration of space, stars and science. Introducing our Gravity Well Chandelier, inspired by scientific models used to visualize and demonstrate the gravitational effect of celestial bodies in space. 

Take a first look at the latest collection from Richard Clarkson Studio.

chandelier in dining room

Hand-blown Glass Spheres

Designed by Richard Clarkson Studio, the hand-blown glass spheres gently sink into a frosted acrylic disc, elegantly deforming the plane proportional to their mass. This is an abstract representation of a Gravity Well – an analogy that helps conceptualize how Einstein imagined gravity, not so much as a force but more of the warping of spacetime around objects.

 gravity well white

Richard Clarkson has used this concept as the basis,and inspiration for his latest piece, aptly named the Gravity Well Chandelier. Known for his celestial-themed lighting pieces such as The Cloud and Aurora, this new design expands into the realm of making the invisible visible by abstracting and sculpting scientific theories and concepts into installations and lighting fixtures for both residential and commercial projects.

Ready to make a statement and add some style and lighting function to your home or office? Shop Gravity Well Chandelier.


Crafted to Make a Statement

Each sphere is handblown in New Zealand from borosilicate glass – a glass that is more resistant to thermal shock than common glass and so is often used in the glassware of science laboratories. The standard version of the Gravity Well Chandelier comes with one clear sphere and two frosted spheres but can also be custom ordered with all clear, all frosted, or even colored glass.

gravity well features

The light source is a standard E26 screw base socket so you can choose your favorite bulb with the piece. Since the socket & cord-set are independent of the plane, there are even more options for customization to fit any home décor or commercial interior design.


A Contemporary Interpretation of the Traditional Chandelier

Gone are the days when a chandelier belonged only in the dining room. This gorgeous Gravity Well Chandelier can be so much more than an ambient lighting fixture. With its black metallic accents and glass spheres, the Gravity Well Chandelier with a modern, minimalist design is the perfect complement to both interior and exterior design of your house.


chandelier in situ


A Cosmic Chic to Inspire Conversation

It can express the chic style and personality of the homeowner in the living room, making quite an impression on the guests. It can add a sense of spectacular opulence to the study or stairwell as the thin metallic accents will blend seamlessly with white walls and rustic wood floors. When used in offices and corporate buildings, it can spark conversations in conference rooms or enhance the design aesthetics of an entrance foyer.

geometric etheral lighting


The choice is yours, order it from June 1st 2022 6:00 pm EST and get it shipped to your doorstep.

RRP: $4,100 USD + shipping 

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