Launch Incense holder

Both playful and functional at the same time, this piece, shaped like a miniature rocket ship, is ingeniously designed. Its form funnels smoke through its body and out an exhaust port as if trying to lift off. Launch was a sculptural desktop object that made for a compelling talking point and a great gift item for those that love incense.

Incense comes in many different shapes and forms but for us backflow incense was particularly interesting. The specialized shape of the backflow incense pod directs the scented smoke downwards rather than upwards like traditional incense. This creates some really unique opportunities to integrate downward flowing smoke into a themed design. It was our studio assistant Juan Trapp who came up with the concept of a creating an incense holder in the shape of a rocket ship and having the smoke give the appearance of it trying to take off.

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We developed the concept using 3D printed wax models that were then cast in brass, we narrowed the design down to a Thunderbirds inspired form that held the backflow incense pod as the tip of the rocket. Inside the package was a set of sandalwood flavoured incense pods and a leather launchpad for the piece to sit on.

Lauch being lit

Initially part of our Objects Collection along with Bloc, Spoke and Poise we later added it to our Constellation Furniture Collection. We were most excited when we heard that Adele was gifted one - we kept an eye out we never did see it posted on her IG but we like to think that she has it on display and uses it from time to time.

Launch in context

As with many of our products Launch was only available as a limited production run so is no longer available however it is possible that it will be re-released in the future and if you are interested in signing up to be notified about that you can do so here.