How to massage your Cloud

We do our very best to keep each Cloud Lamp safe during shipment so we try not to leave too much empty space inside the box that it ships in. This does mean that sometimes a Cloud can get a little compressed by the box - especially if it's got a long way to travel before it arrives to you. 

Luckily getting your Cloud back into its proper shape is very quick and easy. See below for our tips and tricks to get your Cloud looking its very best.

Wait until after your Cloud is hung up and installed - this way you can get a good look all the way around the Cloud and can intermittently step back to check how its looking.

  1. Its like a massage for your Cloud - using your hands squeeze and clump handfuls of the fluff together to enhance the volume of compressed clumps. Remember that you are bringing your Cloud back to how it was before it went into the box so look for existing clumps that seem a little compressed and gently pull them outwards and squeeze them.

  2. Be firm but gentle - ideally your overall Cloud size should increase by 2-4" on all sizes from what it is in the box so you will likely need to be firm with your squeezing and clumping. Just be sure not to go so far that it feels like you are starting to pull the fluff off the Cloud.

  3. Mix it up - the Cloud will look most realistic if it has a good size range of clumps so try to mix up the amount of volume of the clump. Again you are mostly just enhancing what is already there so make the big clumps bigger and make the small clumps more defined.

  4. Don't forget the bottom - make sure you get all sides including the top and the bottom.

  5. Key clumps - it sounds a bit funny but we try to give each Cloud 'ends' and often a 'hat' they are often significant clumps that help give overall cloud-like definition. You can see Richard point them out at the end of the video below.


Watch the video


And there you have it - a comprehensive guide on how to massage your Cloud back into shape, if you have any questions or are having some trouble getting the shape right on your Cloud just Contact Us and we'll do our best to help.