Rule - minimal brass ruler

A minimal raw brass ruler set designed to proudly sit atop the desk and never in a draw. Over time the rule will patina showing a trace of the user's interaction with it. The laser etched markings show metric on one side and imperial on the other.

brass rulers

The larger of the set is a 12" x 2" ruler and the smaller is 6" x 1"

We precision machine Rule from solid brass, giving it a beautiful raw aesthetic.

Stationary Set

Close up of rullers

Scattered stationary

To celebrate the release of the Objects collection we created a behind the scenes video showing some of the different steps in the production process of each of the objects.

Watch the video


As with many of our products Rule was only available as a limited production run so is no longer available however it is possible that it will be re-released in the future and if you are interested in signing up to be notified about that you can do so here.