Recent Project: Custom Aurora Sconces for Elizabeth Dow

Elizabeth Dow Home, located in East Hampton NY, is a resource for designers and architects providing textiles, wallcoverings, accessories, and unique home furnishings. In addition, Elizabeth Dow provides custom workroom services including window treatments and re-upholstery. Our products are available for purchase both in store and online at



The Project:

Initially, a client of Elizabeth Dow’s really liked our Aurora Sconces but wanted to know if the lights could be customized with specific color panels to match the linens in each bedroom. Working closely with Elizabeth Dow Home to create custom color resins, were able to come up with some swatches that matched the client’s needs perfectly.




The Challenges:

As any studio that has worked with resin will tell you, color-matching can be an extremely tricky process, especially when multiple different materials and lighting are involved. As you might imagine, colors appear differently under different lights and at different times of the day so we needed to find a color match that would work well both in daylight and when illuminated by the LEDs embedded within the fixture.



On top of resin being a finicky material to work with and this being our first time offering the Aurora collection in a custom colorway, the client was also on a tight deadline to get this installed and completed. These obstacles really put our skills to the test and required us to manage the project as efficiently as possible in order to avoid any delays.



The Results:

After all was said and done, being his was our first custom product with the Aurora product line, we were extremely happy with how adaptable we could make the design. Not only did we make custom color panels as the client requested, we also did a special custom version of the light cover plate that used a matte white rather than our standard black color plate. Now equipped with the knowledge and techniques behind creating custom colorways, we are eager to take on additional projects that utilize this product line in the near future.


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