Caelum Cloud

Special edition collaboration with digital artist Morten Lasskogen this light sculpture will be sure to bring a lot of sunshine to your space.

A limited series of 50 units was produced, each numbered and accompanied by an authenticity certificate signed by both Richard and Morten.

For years we at RCS have been in awe of Morten's incredible render visualizations featuring supernatural clouds. One render in particular We reached out to Morten about bringing one specific cloud render of his (the Caelum Cloud) to life and he said yes! We worked closely with Morten to refine the exact shape and size of the Cloud to match the original render concept. Together we decided that reducing the size a bit would make it accessible to a wider audience - especially when considering the international shipping costs.

We really loved this collaboration and the challenge to create a very specific Cloud shape. We've manufactured several custom Clouds in a wide range of sizes so if you have a project that requires a custom Cloud contact us.


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