The Elementals

Earth. Air. Fire. Water. 
The four elements of the natural world are ingredients of a fifth: Life itself - an element just as beautiful and destructive as the initial four.

In 2019 we released a collection of lighting pieces we named the Elementals. Each was inspired by a specific element; earth, air, fire and water. Our success with the original Cloud Lamp and Constellation had established Richard Clarkson Studio as the design studio for celestial inspired lighting pieces, so continuing the theme we looked to expand upon the natural theme.

The concept of the Elementals is something that has been explored in numerous different ways, through historical cultures, popular media (The Fifth Element, Avatar) and now though lighting products. We wanted each of the products to be able to stand on their own as unique and interesting pieces but loved the idea that there was a through-line that tied them together as a collection.

After each of the products sold through their limited production runs and while none are available for purchase today we do release special edition runs from time to time - if you would like more information about that see our special edition waitlist form.


Globe in the large and small size

The Earth Element: Globe
What better way to represent earth than by encasing in a glass sphere and displaying its life giving powers with live plants. The embedded LED allows varieties of plant-life to thrive in the little floating worlds of your very own.


Mobile in brass finishThe Air Element: Mobile
Air is a tricky one to show visually, we decided to show the effects of it on an object. Mobile's are simple balanced sculptures that when presented with an external force, be it a person or a gentle breeze, is shifted off its equilibrium and slowly returns to equilibrium with a series of lesser and lesser overcorrections.


Row of Sabers in Flame modeThe Fire Element: Saber
There is something so mesmerizing about watching flames flicker across a campfire, the gentle glow of light dancing across the surroundings. Not only does Saber have a realistic flame animation but also a number of sound reactive visualizations. 


Rain Lamp on white brick wallThe Water Element: Rain
Rain was our first Elemental product, and was the first 'non-Cloud' product that we developed. Using actual water inside an electrical lamp was not without it challenges but the effect created by Rain was truly magical. Watching the projected ripple patterns bounce gracefully off of one other is a sight to behold.