Recent Project: Clouds Installation in Oakland Airport for Kaiser Permanente, Campbell Ewald

Traveling is without question one of the most joyful and thrilling experiences for anyone looking to immerse themselves in the sights and sounds of a new place. That said, the journey from point A to point B can come with some seriously tense & unpleasant moments, namely that dreaded TSA check-in line. The awesome team at the Oakland International Airport came up with a great idea to help ease these travel pains.


The Project

For this project, the client enlisted us to provide a creative makeover of the Terminal 2 security checkpoint at Oakland International Airport (OAK) to become an oasis of calming sounds and images that help ease the anxiety and frustration often associated with travel.



The Challenges

With such a large airport atrium to fill, the client was looking for Clouds that were many times larger than our standard units. We worked with them to custom design units up to 8 feet long, each with a unique shape and profile. The design proved to be an immense success, and we have since used the technique to produce a number of other large cloud projects.


As with any public space, installation compliance and safety regulations are incredibly important. We worked with a range of engineering experts to ensure that the Clouds would be up to the standard.


The Clouds at OAK

The TSA-approved project at OAK was created by Florida-based SecurityPoint Media and comes to us courtesy of Oakland-based health care company, Kaiser Permanente and of course Southwest Airlines.

The hydroponic, soilless, living wall covers the entire west wall of the checkpoint area and has 34 different types of plant species, including 13 that help clean indoor air naturally and improve the ambient environment.



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