Recent Project: Custom Cloud Installation for Private Client

When we launched our first cloud products back in 2014, we never really anticipated expanding into creating large-scale installations. To see how the product line has grown, has been a tremendously rewarding experience and we welcome the challenge of these types of products as it pushes us our practice further as a design studio.



The Project:

That’s why when the client approached us about creating a cloud installation within an incredible, double-story living room space in his Florida home, we jumped at the opportunity. Upon receiving the floor plan and images of the space, the ideas immediately began to flow as we were fortunate enough to have a ton of space to work with.



The Challenges:

In the early stages of the project, we worked directly with the client to explore the various different options and directions the installation could take shape. We were inspired by projection-mapping technologies and imagined how it would pair with a wide range of different-sized clouds in the space. With such high ceilings and plenty of space to work with, the biggest obstacle was figuring out the best way to implement everything without overpowering the other design elements in the space.



The Results:

In an unprecedented move, not only did we create a whole set of new sizes and shapes of  clouds specifically for this project, we also managed to perfect a concept we had been playing around with for some time - a “hybrid” cloud that could incorporate lighting elements from both the Interactive Cloud and Lampshade Cloud product lines built into one. 



The idea behind this was that while the Interactive Clouds have some amazing animations and sound-reactive modes, the main drawback of them is that due to their RGB LEDs, their light output tends to be at a more ambient level, typically not emitting enough light to be the sole lightsource in a space. It’s for this reason that we created the Lampshade Cloud range, because of its ability to emit a more powerful bright light. By combining the two light sources into a single unit, we were able to provide the client with the best of both worlds.



Additionally, this project was our second that integrated into the Control4 ecosystem, a series of automation and networking systems for homes and business. This is significant because historically our standard IR remote control system works really well with individual units or small clusters but when it comes to working with larger clusters, a more robust control system is usually a good idea. Having worked with the control system in the past, we were able to build on our previous knowledge for this project. 


Above all technical feats achieved during this project however, our most proud accomplishment was getting amazing feedback from the client, who stated that "the Clouds are the best thing in my house and the coolest art installation I’ve ever seen! They go perfectly in my home and complement the jungle room incredibly well!". So there you have it, another successful project in the books. 



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