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Aurora Collection


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richard clarkson Gemini
richard clarkson Gemini
richard clarkson Gemini
richard clarkson Gemini
richard clarkson Gemini
richard clarkson Gemini
richard clarkson Gemini
richard clarkson Gemini
richard clarkson Gemini
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An ambient light fixture available in each of the twelve Zodiac configurations. An embodiment of the wonders and magic of the night sky.


Gemini, (Latin: “Twins”) in astronomy, zodiacal constellation lying in the northern sky between Cancer and Taurus, at about 7 hours right ascension and 22° north declination. More information below.

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This product has a six week lead time. Need it sooner?

Behind the scenes


The Constellation Light System brings together each of the 12 zodiac constellations. Arranged in a finished brass that connects points of ambient light, this system recaptures what I felt looking up at the sky in Waimarama Beach. The end result is an alluring, elegant fixture, in a class of its own.


If you are interested in custom materials or custom finishes for this or any of our other products we can work with you to create the perfect piece just for you.

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Product overview

  • Materials

    Brass, nylon, electrical components

  • Dimensions

    60" x 44" x 2"

  • Packaging

    24” x 24” x 4”


We have three different installation styles and can help work out which is best for you.

Spec Sheet

Case Study

The perfect installation for a New York penthouse apartment.

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  • Yes we would be happy to build out any specific constellation, reach out to us via our contact page with details about what you are looking for and we can go from there.

  • Lead times vary depending on the product, see the product page for the most accurate timeframe. We also do have expediting options available for those on a time crunch.

  • These are designed to be sculptural ambient light rather than functional working light. Think of the light from the real stars in the sky, its low level light but absolutely beautiful.

  • With our brass items we can finish them in a few different ways, typically we wax them which maintains their warm matte finish. The wax will wear off over time especially if handled often. Alternatively we sometimes offer a lacquered finish. The lacquer is a more permanent seal but does gloss the brass slightly.

  • Yes we ship all over the world. See prices and shipping options at checkout from USPS to DHL. For some of the larger pieces such as the Panel and Chair please contact us prior to purchasing to confirm freight prices.


Inspired by the stars and the connections among them.