Scented Cloud

“Paris’s premier contemporary art fair, the Foire Internationale d’Art Contemporain, known as FIAC, is a platform for art in all its iterations, with a varied offering of works on the cutting edge of evolving artistic practice......[among these works] was a remarkable installation by Cartier that offered “scent” as a medium of “artistic expression.”

Here at Richard Clarkson Studio, we get particularly excited by projects that merge science and art, this is certainly one of those. Humidity, air density and atmospheric pressure all come into play to a magical result. By playing with the density of gases Cartier was able to create a cloud that floats mid-level and separates the upper and lower levels both visually and experientially. Cloud also acts as a scent barrier - keeping a distinction between the different scents of the two levels.



Photos by Quyen Mike, courtesy of Cartier