Recent Project: Cloud Lighting Installation on Edge Observation Deck

Hudson Yards is the centerpiece of Manhattan’s New West Side. The pinnacle of the Hudson Yards experience is the Edge, the highest outdoor Skydeck in the Western Hemisphere. Event agency, Mirrorball was tasked to build anticipation, excitement, and awareness for the opening of Edge in the six-month runup to launch culminating in a high-profile opening event to generate earned media.



The Project

In celebration of the launch of the new Observation deck at Hudson Yards, the client wanted an impressive installation that would embody the feeling of being amongst the clouds. To create a pre-launch social buzz and a massive global ticket demand, Mirrorball utilized the metaphor of “touching the clouds.” The location of the installation is the enormous lobby of 30 Hudson Yards, a five story space with internal balconies and a stunning glass facade. With such a large space, they wanted an installation that would fill it suitably.


The Challenges

With such a large scale installation and an extremely tight deadline, we knew this was going to be an exciting project but that it would not be easy. The biggest challenge was working with the client to identify exactly what they wanted. The scope and nature of the installation changed a few times throughout the project, but we were able to dynamically adjust the direction of the installation at each point. Once we began to finalize the scope, we helped the client design and coordinate the production of the units.


We really love this project because of the unique style it brought to our lighting. The sheer size of each of the Clouds is incredible. The largest of them is 12' long; much larger than anything we’ve ever dealt with. 



The Clouds at the Edge
The concept was brought to life via social media, onsite installations, and offsite field activation. The opening event for Edge featured the world’s highest theatrical dance performance taking place above the Skydeck at 1,100 feet in the air.



The opening of Edge turned out to be the last large scale event in NYC prior to the city’s mandatory closure due to COVID-19. Although Edge was forced to close early, tickets had sold out for the first several weeks. Media coverage of the event was extensive and social mentions from influencers were in the thousands.



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