Dream Project 1: “The show must go on, atop the clouds”

Ever been told to get your head out of the clouds? Set that nonsense aside and picture this: your favorite musicians suspended above a stage as they perform an unparalleled set, floating on stunning and lifelike clouds. Its a vision we can make reality here at Richard Clarkson Studio, in our ongoing mission to provide galaxy-centric products inspired by the cosmos and forces of nature.

So get your head in the clouds. This is a concept that resides in the skies, with clouds that arent made of water.



This particular dream project takes shape in platforms that conjure up the ethereal spectacle of clouds on a horizon clouds upon which performers stand and put on an unforgettable show, an illustration of human ingenuity in sync with nature. Each platform is designed for individual use, with one performer centered on every cloud needed to achieve the fantasy. Smaller, well-placed clouds will serve as decorative embellishments around the central statement pieces.

In one scenario, the drummer can take stage right, the keyboardist can take left, and the lead singer can hold center stage. Mechanical lifts and stage rigging will suspend the clouds with tactfully positioned steel wire cables, providing immersive options to raise and lower artists throughout the performance. Take artists to the skies during the high notes of a song, or drift toward the ground when the lyrics get heavy. If a guitarist has a solo, give her some height to stand out. If a singer wants to engage with the audience, bring him down. The creative ways one can fuse performances with the set design are as far-reaching as the stars.

Internal DMX (digital multiplex) lighting further heightens the illusion, creating an atmosphere of magical realism and a celebration of technology at its most enchanting. Additional projection mapping also yields an eye-popping variety of effects, from creating a storm to manipulating dimensions. Celebrating the shape-shifting wonder of clouds, we want to create a show that borrows from the natural to create an experience that borders on the unreal.



Since cloud-walking involves defying a little gravity, each performer is harnessed in place with a safety line. A bent and welded steel rod gives the clouds their internal bubble structure, and an extra- durable fluff an RCS secret recipe gives the clouds their charming cumulus shape. These pieces will look authentic no matter where the concertgoer is seated or standing. (Those closest to the stage, however, might speculate whether they should have brought an umbrella.)

Even the most traditional nephologist (cloud scientist) will be impressed with the exhibit. These celestial pieces can be installed for an outdoor arena or an enclosed venue, wherever their weather is preferred.

For a closer look at our Cloud collection and its evolution, visit here.


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