Globe - the suspended terrarium

After the release of the Rain Lamp, we wanted to continue with the concept of little moments captured within in a spherical form. Initially we explored the idea of a floating fish bowl but quickly found that fish inside such an environment wouldn't be happy and the regular maintenance that a fish tank needs for the fish to stay healthy would be difficult in a suspended design. In our research we did find that certain aquatic plants on the other hand would thrive in such an environment, not only aquatic plants but also quite a few types of normal terrestrial plants would too.

 Globe with aquatic plants

The first iteration of the design had a removable lid which suspended the glass globe, it had a small opening at the top through which you would be able to water your plants. You would be able to plug that hole if you wanted to seal off the Globe or leave it open if you wanted a small amount of ventilation. It was available in two sizes (8" and 12") and could be custom made larger or smaller if desired.

Globe in house next to the window 

It wasn't until version two of the design that we added the LED light that would illuminate the plants inside. The addition of that LED was what really pushed the design to the next level and it became Globe: an illuminated terrarium suspended in mid air. The LED we chose was a full spectrum LED which gave the plant all the wavelengths of light it needed. Initially we thought we needed a special grow light but after our research found that those red, purple looking grow lights are more about reducing the wavelengths of light that the plants don't really need in order to save power rather than providing wavelengths of light beyond a standard daylight LED.

With the right type of plants inside them these little, floating worlds were actually very low maintenance. Slow growing plants that thrive in humid environments generally did very well, we had great success with many varieties of moss and small ferns. Some succulents also did very well, especially ones that were tolerant to a more humid environment. We found that watering once a month was plenty for most plants and in most cases the only time you ever opened the top lid was to plant your Globe when it first arrived.

 Watering the Globe

As with many of our products Globe was only available as a limited production run so is no longer available however it is possible that it will be re-released in the future and if you are interested in signing up to be notified about that you can do so here.



Globe filled with water

Globe close up of moss

Opening the Globe

Globe in the dark