Rain Lamp

There is something incredibly mesmerizing and calming about a ripple gently moving its way across the surface of water. Emanating outwards from a single point in perfect rings until bouncing off a colliding ripple or object. We set out to create a sculpture that captured the essence of that moment. We knew that we wanted to use actual water to create the true effect rather than an imitation. After many prototype iterations we found that three dripping points with randomly timed droplets gave the best effect. Sometimes only one drop would fall, sometimes two at the same time and occasionally all three dripping points would simultaneously release a droplet. The visual effect of each of those was distinctly different from each other and was just enough to feel natural without becoming too unbalanced. 

 As the dropless fall inside the Rain Lamp they disturb the surface of the water and distort the path of the light shining through it - the result is rippling patterns of light and shadow that delicately dance across the floor or surface below. Just as the ripple fades back into calm the next droplet(s) fall in a cycle of excitement and calming.

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We introduced the Rain Lamp to the world in 2015 at our very first trade show during New York Design Week at Wanted Design in Manhattan. We were so excited by the feedback we got at Wanted and even had Rain Lamp featured on Design Milk.

Rain Lamp in color white

We later released a version the featured frosted glass rather than clear glass so that rather than the ripples being project onto the floor they would be projected onto the frosted glass surface. It was a more subtle presentation that would suit those contexts where the effect of the original clear glass Rain Lamp was too overpowering as a visual sculpture.

As with many of our products the Rain Lamp was only available as a limited production run so is no longer available however it is possible that it will be re-released in the future and if you are interested in signing up to be notified about that you can do so here.