Richard Clarkson Studio is a Brooklyn-based art & design laboratory.
We are a lean but highly capable team with backgrounds in art, design, science, engineering & business.
We create objects, products & installations that are minimal in style, honest in material, elegant in simplicity & sculptural to the core. We also offer services in consultancy, fabrication, product & experience design.
We have a studio space / showroom at 300 Morgan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211, USA which is open by appointment Monday to Saturday. Not in the country? Not a problem - we ship our products all over the world.
We seek to inspire astronomical curiosity & wonder through exquisite, elemental objects. We draw inspiration from the sky and the stars to create unique products, intuitive interactions, and meaningful experiences.

Introducing Globe

Our Illuminated terrarium. 
Globe is a suspended handblown
glass ball in 12" and 8" diameters

Representational of the beauty that can come from destruction.
Seems like a mirage: it looks like a real cloud
Richard Clarkson disguises Bluetooth speaker as levitating indoor cloud
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