The Abyss

Titled The Abyss this piece features CNC laser etched glass to accurately depict the exact locations of one thousand stars that were visible in the sky on the night of the moon landing on July 20th, 1969. At 66" tall this twinkling fiber-optic artwork presents the observer with a full size reflection of themselves within the void of space. 

Panel with sunlight across it

The fiber-optic LED stars and custom programming provide a dazzling twinkle, unlike anything you’ve seen on a wall before. We worked hard to design a realistic sparkle effect - balancing frequency, speed and brightness for a twinkle that is magical without being distracting.

Close up of the stars

It was the night of July 20th, 1969 when commander, Neil Armstrong and lunar module pilot, Buzz Aldrin, landed the Apollo Lunar Module Eagle. 6 hours later, Neil Armstrong became the first person to set foot on the moon - what we now know to be “one small step for man, one small step for mankind”. While the original release of the piece was designed around the moon landing we also offered a custom variation which could be based upon a clients specified date and location, for example the night a client first meet her husband or the birthdate of their child. 

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Throughout the development of this piece we knew that we wanted to create a person sized artwork, we felt that keeping to that scale was really important to achieve a true sense of it being a dark void into space. Any smaller at it wouldn't have the necessary impact to generate the feeling we wanted to impart. This is made all the more powerful by the ultra-thin frame we used. At only 1/16" thick the powder-coated aluminum frame delicately envelopes the piece allowing the full frame of darkness & stars to come through unobstructed.

Photo of entire Collection

We used a laser etching technique on the back surface of the glass to create the constellation patterns and connecting lines, under most conditions the lines are subtle but under direct sunlight become much more bold and vivid.

As with many of our products The Abyss was only available as a limited production run and is no longer available however it is possible that it will be re-released in the future and if you are interested in signing up to be notified about that you can do so here.

Panel with Cloud and person

Title: The Abyss
Year: 2019
Size: 66" x 44" x 2"
Material: Glass, acrylic, aluminum, fiber-optics and LEDs