How to clean your Cloud?

Cleaning your Cloud (be it an Interactive Cloud or a Lampshade Cloud) is actually very straightforward since the only thing to really worry about is dust build up and luckily dust is one of the easier things to remove. You are able to clean your Cloud by gently batting it like a pillow to remove loose dust. If vacuuming is required do so through the included rigid metal mesh disc, the mesh will hold the fibers in place protecting the Cloud while you vacuum it.

Cleaning a Cloud with vacuum and mesh disc
New Mesh disc
Don't use any cleaning products or detergents on your Cloud. If you stain your cloud (perhaps you had a particularly energetic party guest who likes to fling red wine in the air) contact us to discuss options to replace sections (or in some cases all) of the cloud fluff.

As of 2022 most Clouds come with a Cleaning Mesh included but if you would prefer to purchase one from amazon you can do so through this affiliate link.

Now that you have a sparkling clean Cloud it could be time to give it a bit of a massage to bring it back to its former fluffy shape? Or how about learning more on styling clusters of Clouds on our How to style a Cluster of Clouds Guide