Spoke Fruitbowl

A minimal flat-pack fruit bowl made from brass. Designed to live center-stage on your dining table or countertop. Spoke was one of the first of our Objects collection - a range of small homegoods or 'table top' sculptures that were both functional and sculptural in nature. Many of those small goods were made either exclusively in brass or had prominent brass detailing to tie it into the rest of the collection. The result was a family of products, each unique but with a strong material narrative throughout. 

Spoke on marble surface

We loved the idea of a flat pack fruit-bowl, one that could ship in a tiny box and be easily assembled by the customer. We based our concept on the spokes of a wheel with each spoke radiating out from a central hub. The brass rods were press fit into place and held in place with friction from the precision machined holes in the hub. We machined the first production batch in-house before outsourcing that particular part.

During the design development of Spoke we explored several different sizes, through our user research we landed on a roughly 12" diameter as the optimal size. It was large enough to hold a good amount of fruit but not so large that it would get in the way. We were pleasantly surprised to find the size also worked well to hold other objects and food items such as eggs.

Two different sizes of Spoke

Hub and spokes of the Fruitbowl

Spoke on marble table

We treated the brass with a wax to protect it from tarnishing as otherwise exposure to the elements and the oils on our hands would patina the surface of the brass. This could either be maintained by the client to remain in pristine condition or left to eventually tarnish if desired. To celebrate the release of the Objects collection we created a behind the scenes video showing some of the different steps in the production process of each of the objects.

Watch the video


Spoke on marble table

As with many of our products Spoke was only available as a limited production run so is no longer available however it is possible that it will be re-released in the future and if you are interested in signing up to be notified about that you can do so here.

Spoke with dark background