How To Style a Cluster of Cloud Lights

Clouds look great as individual units on their own but when presented as a cluster they really look amazing. If you have a smaller space a pair can be a great way to start, we recommend getting two different sizes and hanging them at slightly different heights, our cords are adjustable length upon installation which make that easy to do.



For more of a statement three clouds gives a lovely balance to the cluster. Again mixing the sizes will help give a sense of natural variation - more like the clouds in the real sky. You want to hang the clouds with the largest size on the bottom at the back right, then the middle size middle left and the smallest unit top middle. This triangle of depth and height gives a stunning viewpoint of the Clouds that looks great from all angles.



For clusters of more than three we would be happy to work with you and recommend the optimal layout for your space. Contact us for more info. For tips on how to shape your Cloud to make it look its very best see our Cloud Shaping Guide.