New Zealand Studio!

We have some very exciting news! In June of 2021 we are going to be relocating Richard Clarkson Studio to New Zealand. We'll continue operating in USA via local manufacturers, fulfillment warehouses and retail showrooms but our main base will be in New Zealand. While this is going to be a big change we are confident that we can continue delivering high-quality, unique designs to the American and global audience.

While we undergo the relocation all of our Cloud products will continue to ship from our US fulfillment warehouses but products such as Aurora, Constellation and Mobile will have a temporary pause in production until we get things set up and running smoothly in New Zealand. You will find a backorder note on the shop page for each of these products saying that it is backordered until 11.11.2021 - you can still purchase these items while on backorder just know that it won't arrive until mid November.

Please feel free to reach out to us here if you have any questions.

Cloud Image