Installation Options: A Comprehensive Guide to Setting Up Your Cloud Light

PLEASE NOTE: The images shown are for general reference guide only - your specific product may have different cord styles, attachments & color options. In general all our pendant style lighting products come with a hardwire kit included, if you would like a plug-in kit they can be purchased separately in our parts shop. If you are interested in a custom installation kit (like a canopy with multiple cords coming out of it) contact us.

When it comes installing one of our lighting pieces in its new home, there a few things to consider - especially with pendant style fixtures (pendant being a lamp that hangs from a cord or support cable off the ceiling). There are two main types of installation: Hardwire & Plug-in


Kit Options


Hardwire (shown on the right side of the image above)
This option requires a junction box (also known as an electrical box or octagon box) in the location in which the lamp is going and a local electrician to do the installation. If you are replacing an existing pendant or planning to use our designs in a new building or renovation this option is recommended as it provides a cleaner look than the Plug-in option. This option usually comes with 6ft (2m) of electrical cord, a 5" canopy, mounting kit, exposed wires, cord grip and wire nuts. 

Plug-in (shown on the left side of the image above)
This option is easier to install, as the product simply plugs into a nearby electrical outlet (or extension cord). This option comes with hooks to hang the product and usually has a switch on the cord to easily switch the product on & off. For international orders we will include an appropriate adapter to fit your countries sockets.