Come See us at the AD Show!

As part of this years 

Architectural Digest Design Show we launched our Constellation Collection - an inspired release designed to bring the wonders of the celestial into the home.



The CONSTELLATION collection features new lighting, furniture, accessories and a wall panel employing brass finishes, industrial, industrial concrete and deep black leather accents.

Collection Narrative:

I have fond memories of walking the sandy shores of Waimarama Beach in New Zealand at night. Looking up and being able to trace the flow of the Milky Way, losing myself in the stars and, for a moment, moving beyond the human sense of time and scale.


We all have been left awe-inspired by the stars at some point in our lives. We form patterns to predict the weather, find our way, tell stories and make sense of the sky. Throughout history, many cultures have interpreted the stars in their own way - often creating stories and legends about the clusters of suns, burning millions of miles away.

As a studio born of the clouds, we now set our sights to the stars and beyond, hoping to expand on the experience we’ve created thus far. With this collection, we seek to bring the wonders of the celestial into the home.